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Best CBSE School in Giridih

Why Choose a Boarding School? Exploring the Benefits of a Residential Education.

Choosing the right school for your child is a crucial decision that impacts their academic, personal, and social growth. While there are various educational options available, one option that stands out is a boarding school. Boarding schools offer a unique and immersive educational experience where students live on campus, providing them with a nurturing and supportive environment. In this blog, we will explore

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Lab in Saluja Gold International School

Every Student matters at Saluja Gold International School

At Saluja Gold International School, we firmly believe that every student matters. We are committed to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where each student is valued, supported, and given opportunities to thrive. Here’s why we prioritize the well-being and success of every student: At Saluja Gold International School, we firmly believe that everyone matters….

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From Classroom learning to Career: A Collaborative Approach to Student Readiness

In today’s dynamic and competitive job market, the transition from classroom learning to a successful career is a critical journey for students. As educators and mentors, it is our responsibility to guide students through this transition, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their chosen fields. This collaborative approach involves a…

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Annual Sports Day 2023 – A Glimpse into the Best Boarding School of Jharkhand

The echoes of cheers, the thrill of competition, and the spirit of sportsmanship filled the air as Saluja Gold International School, Giridih, celebrated its Annual Sports Day 2023. The day was a testament to the school’s unwavering commitment to nurturing excellence in every child. Best Boarding School of Jharkhand In conclusion, the Annual Sports Day…

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Best School In Giridih

Best School in Giridih Hosts Spectacular Interschool Dance Competition

Best School in Giridih Hosts Spectacular Interschool Dance Competition Giridih, a town known for its cultural diversity and academic excellence, witnessed a spectacular celebration of artistry and unity when Saluja Gold International School, in collaboration with Rotary Club Giridih Couple, organized a grand Interschool Dance Competition. This exhilarating event brought together enthusiastic students from some…

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Student Leadership

Balancing Student’s Education and Activities: A Day in the Life at SGIS

Balancing Student Education and Activities at Boarding School in Giridih In the fast-paced world of the 21st century, striking a balance between academics and extracurricular activities has become paramount to the holistic development of students. Saluja Gold International School (SGIS) understands the significance of fostering a well-rounded education that encompasses both intellectual growth and the…

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Leadership at SGIS

Student Leadership at Saluja Gold International School

At Saluja Gold International School, the vision extends beyond academic excellence, aiming to nurture well-rounded individuals who possess leadership qualities. Empowering students to become confident, responsible, and compassionate leaders is a cornerstone of the school’s philosophy. Through a myriad of initiatives and opportunities, Fosters Student Leadership at SGIS, inspiring young minds to make a positive…

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