Leadership at SGIS

Student Leadership at Saluja Gold International School

At Saluja Gold International School, the vision extends beyond academic excellence, aiming to nurture well-rounded individuals who possess leadership qualities. Empowering students to become confident, responsible, and compassionate leaders is a cornerstone of the school’s philosophy. Through a myriad of initiatives and opportunities, Fosters Student Leadership at SGIS, inspiring young minds to make a positive…

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Green day at Saluja Gold International School

🌿 Learning the Color Green through Plantation & Seeds Activities 🌿

At Saluja Gold International School, Giridih, we believe in providing a vibrant and interactive learning environment for our young learners. In line with this philosophy, we have designed engaging activities centered around the color green, focusing on plantation and seeds, for our Kindergarten (KG) and Nursery students. 1️⃣ Plantation Day: We organize a special Plantation…

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