🌿 Learning the Color Green through Plantation & Seeds Activities 🌿

Green day at Saluja Gold International School

At Saluja Gold International School, Giridih, we believe in providing a vibrant and interactive learning environment for our young learners. In line with this philosophy, we have designed engaging activities centered around the color green, focusing on plantation and seeds, for our Kindergarten (KG) and Nursery students.

1️⃣ Plantation Day: We organize a special Plantation Day where our little ones actively participate in planting saplings in our school garden. They learn about the importance of trees, their role in providing oxygen, and the significance of preserving nature. Through this hands-on experience, they develop a sense of responsibility towards the environment and understand the concept of greenery.

2️⃣ Seed Germination Experiment: Our students are introduced to the fascinating process of seed germination. They are given different seeds to observe and care for. They learn how to plant the seeds in small pots, provide them with water and sunlight, and witness the growth of tiny plants. This activity not only teaches them about the color green but also instills a love for nature and a curiosity for how things grow.

3️⃣ Nature Walk: We organize nature walks where our young learners explore the school campus and nearby areas to observe and identify various green plants and trees. They engage in interactive discussions about the different shades of green and the importance of plants in our lives. It encourages their observation skills and connects them to the natural world around them.

4️⃣ Green Collage Art: In our art classes, children indulge in creating beautiful green collages using a variety of materials like colored paper, leaves, and other natural objects. They learn about different shades of green, how to mix colors to create new shades, and explore their creativity through this fun and artistic activity.

5️⃣ Storytelling and Rhymes: Through storytelling sessions and rhymes, our teachers bring alive the world of plants, trees, and the color green. Children listen to enchanting stories about nature, its wonders, and the importance of plants. They also sing rhymes related to greenery, which aids in their language development and understanding of concepts.

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By incorporating these activities into our curriculum, we aim to provide a holistic learning experience that nurtures a love for nature, enhances observation skills, and deepens the understanding of the color green in our KG and Nursery students.

At Saluja Gold International School, Best Boarding School in Jharkhand, we strive to create a strong foundation for lifelong learning and environmental consciousness.

Together, let’s celebrate the beauty of the color green and the wonders of nature!

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