21st Century Education to upscale 21st Century Learners

The Power of Preschool Education

Since ages there have been age old taboos and premonitions in the field of education such as “Students’ should learn inside the classroom”, “Teaching happens only in a closed boundary”, “Students’ come to school to learn and Teachers’ come to teach” etc. However the transformation of today’s education, the 21st Century Education has managed to surpass the previous dogma. 21st century teachings and learnings have undergone a massive paradigm shift. This is basically due to the budding “social web” and the huge embrace of technology and particularly the mobile gadgetry which has together taken the shape of 21st Century Education.

The concept of 21st Century Education is all about encouraging and enabling students’ to use educational technologies, to apply knowledge in new situations, analyze information, collaborate, solve problems and make decisions. So the big responsibility of inculcating the 21st century values and life-skills in students’ lies with the teachers’.

Now the question arises – Do we have 21st century skilled educators to match the delivery in 21st century learners?

A developing country like India that is steadily making its mark in growth and development in all sectors cannot allow Education to take a backseat.

It is therefore imperative to facilitate and hone the competence of teachers’ so that they provide expanded learning opportunities to the future generations. 21st century learning should be collaborative, adaptive and creative. The learning and knowledge of 21st century should address learning and thinking skills such as critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication, creativity and innovation. 21st Century teachers’ should be able to replace the Collaborative approach with the traditional Chalk and Talk Approach.

Teachers’ of 21st Century should be adaptable about the new learning style. A well defined goal and vision is the key components of 21st Century Education which would reinforce the value learning in students’ core subject areas making the learning fruitful and holistic. A 21st century teacher is a 21st century communicator who ought to be fluent in tools and technologies to enable communication and collaboration. 21st Century Educators go beyond learning just how to do it, they should be able to facilitate it, stimulate and control it, moderate and manage it.

Saluja Gold International School stands ahead for having highly skilled, enthused and proactive staff to meet the demands and challenges of new aged teaching pedagogies of present. We at Saluja Gold International School are humbled to state that as per the guidelines of CBSE, all our facilitators undertake the CBSE and Sahodaya Inhouse training module from time to time to augment their skill and efficacy. In the process of teaching, our teachers’ include Experiments, Hands on Activities and Field Trips to stimulate and enhance students’ learning.

Let the 21st Century Education along with New Education Policy, create a benchmark in students’ learning, thereby equipping them with holistic learning that would allow them to sustain Right Education in progressive India”.  

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