How Inspiration & Motivation plays a pivotal Role in Student’s Success

Jharkhand Best Boarding School

From Jharkhand Best Boarding School: It would not be an exaggeration if we deem inspiration and motivation to be one of the important factors in shaping the success of students.

Coming on to the student’s perspective it is their parents, mentors and elders who are their main source of inspiration and motivation.

It is not always easy to change a student’s life, and this is the reason why it takes great teacher to do this. Often observed that as students enter the school premises in the morning, their mind is not fully prepared to accept the teaching of their teachers. The situation then really becomes a big question within the teachers as how to unlock the blockages and prejudices that has deep down matured in students mind and further make them accept the classroom teaching.

A great teacher therefore needs to make the learning extremely fun and stimulating. The ambience of the Classrooms should be made interesting and welcoming for the students. An exciting classroom environment for learning will embrace student’s fascination and they learn best and to the fullest when the atmosphere is both challenging and interesting.

Inspiring students is vital and should not only be done by their educators but also by their Parents. Parents these days have so high expectation from their children that they often forget that it is their child whom they have nurtured and brought up from a tender age to this age of competition. The level of competition is so much deep down embedded within the parent’s mind that they do not think of anything other than their Child as the Winner in Core Academics only. The whole scenario changes abruptly when situation go a slight haywire and the child doesn’t meet their expectation.  Parents become morose and the same feeling is transmitted to the child.

Motivation and Inspiration is very obvious and can also take many forms, from helping a student through the academic year and their short-term goals, to guiding them towards their future career.

At SALUJA GOLD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Jharkhand Best Boarding School, we believe that each child is the noblest creation of god and therefore should be cared, loved, nurtured by their parents, mentors and other elderly members with utmost care so as to prepare them for the leadership roles in a globalized society without compromising on the universal.

Here are few suggestions and guidelines by Saluja Gold International School which would help certainly help all the Parents, Mentors and Elders to understand, inspire and motivate children /students –

  • Never ever curse, offend and demoralize a student for what he/she could not achieve. Rather make it a point to appreciate him/her for all the small achievements that you observe in the due course of time.
  • All children do have their self respect. Do not ever try to shake their self respect by offending them in public.
  • Be with your children /students in their hard times and motivate and inspire them. Make them believe that they can learn from their mistakes.
  • We as elders often forget our weaknesses but never cease to point out the weakness of our children / students. It is very important for us to realize that they are our loved children and like us they do have some weaknesses. Instead of pointing out we should try to work together and try transforming their weaknesses into strengths.
  • Should always make the children/students feel that we are always there for them in their worries.
  • Should spend quality time with children/students, understand them and their emotions and sentiments and value them
  • Should involve children/students to the maximum in our tasks so that they understand to shoulder responsibilities when required.

It is always the prayer that works better than medicine for any injury, so is inspiration and motivation which works as prayer and blessing for any child/student in achieving success”

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