School Boarders vs Day-Schoolers – An Analysis

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From the day the child takes birth, he/she becomes the irrepcable epitome of joy and bliss for his parents. A child has the most beautiful and natural bond with his parents and hence shares all his joy and concern with his Parent. As the child grows, the responsibilities mount on the Parents and they start making extensive planning. The choice of school, School Boarders vs Day-Schoolers, becomes the first prerequisite and hence the first-hand search of finding the best School for the child’s education begins.

Parents often face an intimidating choice of whether to send the child to a boarding school or to keep them at home and allow them to attend school as day schoolers. As parents everyone wants the best for their children without doubt but at times parents are in delima as to which learning system would be best suited for their children.

The growth and excellent Academic progress of Residential Schools worldwide has provided parents with a choice of admitting their ward in Boarding Schools. However, in the process the child has to sacrifice the family’s time whereas as day schooler he/she gets the privilege of being with family members. Boarding School is not a bad choice for students, however proper counselling and detailed discussion needs to be carried by the parents which would eventually prepare the child physically and mentally for the same. In case the child is sent to boarding school at a very early age, there can be a chance of occurrence of behaviour syndrome and emotional states in students which could lead to serious psychological and emotional distress. The effect of early separation from family may lead to unhappiness, seclusion, imbalance and trauma.  

As the saying goes every good thing is expensive and to attain great achievement small sacrifices are required. So, in case of School Boarders however they miss their parents, but in response they receive lifelong leaning not only in terms of knowledge but also, they ascertain adaptability, value for time, discipline, preparedness and promptness which would pave as strong backbone in their later life. Day schoolers on other hand follow flexibile learning style and system. With Parents involvement students earn a good result. Some students need more time and effort to outshine and in such case parents love and attention can prove as boon.

Here are some prerequisite principles that would facilitate parents in enrolling their ward wisely in right institution, School Boarders vs Day-Schoolers :

  • Talk to people to know about Ideal Schools (Day and Residential) of the city/town/state.
  • Take reviews about your choice of schools from different people and also try to know the past academic track record of the Schools about whom you have heard from people.
  • Make a personal visit to the School with your child to know about the School, its facility and system. Prepare a checklist having the list of enquiries that you wish to ask from the School Administration.
  • Probe deeply to know about all the information that you need to know. In case of any doubt do not hesitate to ask again and again from the School Administration.
  • While on a School Visit ensure that your child is taken for a School Visit along with you. The action would acclimatize him/her in advance about the School.
  • Take time to sit and discuss with your child about the school to know about his choice.
  • Take time to frame a final opinion and finalize the School for your ward’s enrollment.

Our children are the reason we smile every day. Let us, as parent invest our quality time with our kids so as to teach them the spirit of reverence.”

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