Q1 What is the age criteria for Admission ?

The age criteria (as per CBSE norms) for admission to various classes are as below.


Age Between


3-4 Years


4-5 Years


5-6 Years


6-7 Years


7-8 Years


8-9 Years


9-10 Years


10-11 Years


11-12 Years


12-13 Years


13-14 Years


14-15 Years


15- 16 Years


Q2. Who are the Promoters of SGIS ?

A2. The Promoters Shri Amarjeet Singh Saluja and Shri Joravar Singh Saluja form a dedicated team of professionals with diverse strengths and superior qualifications. The Promoters envisions in raising the benchmark for international education in India, and taking the School to greater heights as the best international school in Jharkhand, India.

Q3. Why should I choose SGIS for my child?

A3. SGIS envisions a just, compassionate, thriving culture that is guided by Perennial Wisdom, Virtue and Strength. Our mission is to provide quality education, spread the light of awareness and to make the child Intellectually Superior. Saluja Gold is committed to impart education that is at par with the International Standards making our students ethically stronger who can function successfully within both the community of our school and the multilingual, multicultural societies in which we live.

Q4. Does the School provide Hostel facility ?

A4. Yes, the School offers hostel facility for the students from Grade -3 onwards.

Q5. What kind of Text books are followed i ?

A5. The School follows books of Private Publishers till Primary and Middle Grade and for Senior Grades NCERT Text –Books are followed.

Q6. What kind of Curriculum is being followed ?

A6. Pre-Primary

  • Child centered
  • Playway Method
  • Skill Based Activities
  • Field Trips


Primary & Middle

  • Creative Teaching Techniques
  • Activity Based Teaching – Hands on Activities for Learning Enhancement
  • Experiential Learning- Students learning through Experience
  • Personality and Grooming Session
  • Competitive Skill Development through different competitive assessments
  • Project Based and Collaborative Learning
  • Speech , Group Discussion at frequent Intervals
  • Counseling and Reinforcement Remedies for slow learners
  • Study Tours
  • Individual Attention



  • Student Centered
  • Extended Teaching through Reference Books
  • Personality Development and Grooming Session
  • Career Counseling
  • Competitive Skill Development through different competitive assessments
  • Project Based and Collaborative Learning
  • Speech , Group Discussion at frequent Intervals
  • Study Tours

Q7.  Will the medium of Instruction in the Campus be strictly English ?

A7.  Yes the teachers of SGIS communicate in English only with the students, however    sometimes for pre-primary and primary students, teachers make use of Bilingual language to make them understand some of the Concepts.

Q8.  Are the teachers trained adequately to take up the class of the students ?

A8.  Yes, all the teachers at SGIS are well trained. Also teachers attend training on need basis at frequent intervals.

Q9. What Assessment System is adopted by the School to check the Academic Progress of the School?

 A9. To check the Academic Progress of the students Monthly, Periodic and Term Examinations are held at frequent intervals. Apart from written assessment Oral Assessments are also conducted for the students to assess their learning.

Q10. How are the Parents informed about the Academic Progress of their ward ?

 A10. Parent-Teacher Interactive Sessions are held in regular intervals where in the teachers share their feedback about the students with their Parents and also suggest the corrective measures for the improvement.