State of the Art Labs at Saluja Gold School

Saluja Gold International School in Giridih is equipped with multiple state-of-the-art laboratories to provide students with hands-on learning experiences and foster their curiosity and scientific inquiry. Here are some of the exceptional labs available:

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Composite Science Lab

Equipped with the latest and the best lab instruments and equipments, this lab would give hands-on experience to learners leading to conceptual understanding and scientific approach.

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Computer Lab

Equipped with desktops and with access to internet connectivity, the students learn various computer applications, software and also explore the knowledge in a controlled and regulated environment.

Best School in Dhanbad

Math Lab

Aided by and associated with the JodoGyan, our math lab is all about experiential learning of mathematical concepts in a ‘fun’ way through educational aids, interactive tools, computer interface and guidance from teachers.

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Language Lab

Aided by the NIIT, our lab makes learning an enriching experience for the students with the use of audio visual inputs like E books, audio books, music, shadow play and storytelling.

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Robotics Lab

It’s an active space where knowledge, skills and innovation meet and the young innovators discover the magic of using technology for solving problems using the “STEM” concept of robotics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in collaboration with Jay Robotix, Hyderabad.

These well-equipped laboratories at Saluja Gold International School ensure that students receive comprehensive practical exposure and develop skills beyond the confines of textbooks. Under the guidance of experienced faculty members, students can conduct experiments, engage in research, and gain hands-on experience, fostering their holistic growth and preparing them for future challenges.